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  1. Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
    So I should preface this by saying that I'm sorry if y'all get these questions a whole lot. I'm new here. I should also say that I'm no gunsmith, I'm still learning the finer details about the inner workings on guns, but I'm not totally lost either lol. Anyway, I've been wanting a versatile...
  2. Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
    I was looking to buy an AK-47, but ever since Obama said the words "gun control" I've seen the prices on those rifles double to around $600 on average. I know that Izhmash makes the civilian version of the Kalashnikov called the Saiga (not to be confused with the Saiga 12 shotgun). I've seen...
  3. Ammunition & Reloading
    Sorry if this is a repeating thread... First of all, I'm looking into buying a saiga rifle. I know that they are chambered in .223 and 7.62, as well as a couple others. Only based on price and availability of ammo, what would be a wiser choice between the two?
  4. Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
    I acquired these 2 mags from an old resident that moved out and said that the gun they went with has been gone for years. Any help identifying them is much appreciated. The larger one is a 30 round clip w/ 7.62x39 ammo in it, the smaller one is a 5 round w/ 31 92 ammo (which I believe is the...
  5. DIY Projects
    I have a Norenco SKS,it has a basic black folding stock and im thinking about adding a scope,Tapco T6 stock and vertical grip.Has anyone here done this?
  6. AK & SKS Discussion
    Hey, my buddy sold his AK a good while back but recently gave me his leftover ammo (wolf steel coated 7.62x39, 120gr?). Most of the rounds look fine but a dozen or so have some yellowing (residue?). Are these corroded and unsafe? I haven't used calipers to measure them but they don't seem to be...