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  1. Legal and Activism
    Click here to listen to the podcast! On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam and Dave discuss federal gun control in America. Mass shootings at schools are among the most traumatic events in modern-day America. These tragic incidents receive wall-to-wall media coverage and spark...
  2. Legal and Activism
    Please sign and share if you support the abolishment of H.R.127 Sign the Petition
  3. Legal and Activism
    when is one right that we are guaranteed, superior to another right that we are also guaranteed? IMO, it can't be. the reason for this thread, is to point out some trends in opinions, and viewpoints on one right, vs. the other. i have seen, and not just on this forum, but on my Facebook feeds...
  4. Legal and Activism
    this subject comes up a lot, especially when discussing the right to carry, the 2nd Amendment, and whether the right to carry trumps the rights or wishes of a property owner. some also confuse the distinction between private property and public property, with some thinking that just because a...
  5. Introductions
    Please allow me to introduce myself... I'm new to this site, and I look forward to meeting like-minded people and sharing valuable info on the history and technology of firearms. I'm also very pro 2nd Amendment and love to talk politics. I work in the performing arts where all my friends and...
  6. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    All, On January 9th, President Bush approved a change to the NPS (National Park System laws to allow concealed carry in national parks. On March 29th, the Brady Commission filed an injunction to reverse the new law on the grounds that a "proper environmental impact study had not been completed."...
1-6 of 7 Results