Tulsa Firearms Training Academy

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    5949 S. Garnett Rd.
    Tulsa, OK 74146

    TFTA has knowledgeable staff, competitive shooters, a skilled gunsmith and a reasonable selection of Springfield Armory and other guns. They carry both handguns and long guns as well as a selection of accessories ranging from bore patches to full size gun safes. The indoor pistol range includes 18 lanes each 15 yards long. They also have a 25 yard rifle range. They have typical indoor restrictions like no unjacketed lead rounds and no steel rounds. No rapid fire is allowed. They offer a basic marksmanship class and a concealed carry class. They have a 100% credit policy (within the last year) which applies all rental fees to the purchase of any handgun. (I saved $200 on my first gun there and plan to save another $200 on my next one!) They also offer either a training class or a 1 year membership extension for any gun purchase.


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