Taurus M85 UltraLite 5 shot Revolver

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    I receintly bought a Taurus M85UL Revolver for concealed carry. This is a light-weight .38 Special with a 2 3/4" barrel. It's rated for +P ammo however, I shot +P+ in it with no problems at all. Because this is a conceal weapon you can't expect too much in the way of accuracy. However, I was surprised to see I could keep five shots is a 2" group at 15 feet! That's good shooting for fixed blade sights!

    The recoil is very light when using 110 grain .38 specials. Even the +P recoil wasn't bad up to 125 grains, but 158 grain loads will whack your wrist after several shots. +P+ ammo will pound you pretty hard so limit this ammo for carry use only. I recommend an Uncle Mike's #4 pocket holster. This one has the best fit.

    The only change I made to my M85UL was to install Hogue MonoGrips on it. This gives your pinky finger some support.

    At close range you can easily take out a BG with the revolver.


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