Taurus - Judge 2.5" Cylinder 3" barrel

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    I was impressed with the 45LC ammo, and the small shot ammo. This target is some #7 (or #7 1/2 or #8 I can't remember) shot ammo and Winchester silvertip 225 grain .45 Colt ammo at 7-yards. It is two cylinders loaded in this order: shot, shot, 45, 45, 45; then shot, 45, 45, 45, 45. I figure the shot shell distracts and the Colts finish the job.

    Then came the buckshot, the spread with the long-gun designed ammo is crazy. The following is 5 subsequent shots with Winchester Super-X .410 Bore 2 1/2" OOO Buck with 3 pellets from the 2.5" Chamber Judge with 3" Barrel at 14 yards.

    Then I tried the Federal Premium Personal Defense .410 Handgun 2 1/2" OOO Buckshot with 4 pellets. This is the same gun and the same range (14 yards):

    Amazing improvement. I think the trick is that the pellets of the Federal are contained within the wad therefore clustering the shot.

    Taurus Judge, 3" barrel, 2.5" chamber,

    8' to Chrony

    Federal 4 pellet 000 buck load

    859, 874, 868 fps

    Winchester 3 pellet 000 buck load

    981, 928, 975 fps

    Remington #9 shot (for reference)

    901, 955, 930 fps

    45 Colt load

    758, 780 fps

    With these velocities and the 71 grain ball weight it is like four 36 percussion balls hitting in a space of 2.5 inches. My thinking is that Jesse James killed pretty well with a 36 percussion and 20 ball rounds in five pulls of the trigger is impressive. The buckshot might not be the best but the gun seems fine as a defensive weapon the way I have it loaded: with aWinchester000 buck with the wide spread first, followed by the tight spread of the Federal 000 buck, then three .45 Colts. I would not want to be on the other side of this!


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