South Jersey Shooting Club

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    The South Jersey Shooting Club is a facility dedicated to the sport
    of shooting. It is made up of five firing ranges: 25 yds. hand gun and
    small caliber rifle; 50 yds. pistol, rifle, plinking, and shotgun
    patterning; the 100 yds. and 300 yds. center fire rifle; 50yds. Law
    Enforcement and military officials use the range on multiple occasions
    as well.

    Also home to South Jersey IDPA with shoots held on a separate action range.

    The ranges are made up of 60′ by 24′ foot shooting buildings,
    comfortably equipped with 15 benches protected from the weather.

    There is a field archery course built to the specifications of the National
    Field Archery Association. The facility is a perfect place for a family
    to enjoy the great sports of target shooting and archery.

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