Smith & Wesson - .44 Magnum Model 629 Talo Deluxe

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    This Smith and Wesson Model 629 is a Talo Exclusive.

    Its has a heavy barrel that makes the 3" barrelled weapon weight only 1.9oz less than the 4" model. The total 39.6oz weight makes shooting heavier loads much less punishing than one would assume.

    At first, I was worried that the recoil was going to be extreme but its actually not bad. At the first range trip I shot 150 rounds worth. The first 130 all double action; I figure in a self-defense situation I won't be cocking a hammer.

    First I fired 50 rounds of 44 Magnum Magtech 240gr. SJSP and the recoil was not that bad at all, color me surprised. Then I went through 50 rounds of 200gr. 44 SPL CCI Blazer (very very mild). Then I shot 30 rounds of the carry load I pick for this gun, Fiocchi Extrema 240 Hornady XTP hollow points. Honestly, I could not tell the difference between these and the Magtech loads. Finally, just for stupidity sake I shot 20rds or Corbon 300gr. penetrator loads. Those were quite snappy, but still managable in SA.

    The group below is the Fiocchi Extrema loads at 10 yards (sorry for the cell pic). I threw two shots away:

    Here is the ammo I have used in this weapon to date shot through my chrony (results are per 10 shot average):

    44 Mag Corbon 300 grain - 910fps

    44 Mag Hornady 240 grain - 1175fps

    44 Mag Fiocchi 240 grain - 1122fps

    44 SPL Hornady Critical Defense 165 grain - 915fps

    44 SPL CCI Blazer 200 grain - 720fps

    44 SPL Winchester 200 grain - 772fps

    Here is a video of the 44 Mag Corbon 300 grain Penetrator loads at 17 yards:

    YouTube - 3 inch barrel .44 Mag S&W 629-6 Deluxe Talo Edition with Corbon 300 grain Penetrator loads


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