Semper Fi Gun Training Outdoor Range

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    Semper Fi Gun Training (SFGT) offers defensive handgun, rifle, and shotgun training to novices through advanced shooters. We also have the only outdoor range in North Georgia that offers shooters options to train in more realistic ways, such as moving and shooting. Our outdoor range features a 3-sided berm handgun range with 3m-25m options. Static and dynamic training is allowed in the berms. There are rifle ranges from 100m through 300m. The 100m rifle range allows shooters to practice dynamic training and transition training.


    Our training is unlike any other school in this area. We have combined years of advanced training from different schools and military/LE to make a useful and realistic training program. Our other specialty is in the legal aspects of concealed carry and use of force. We offer courses on the laws surrounding concealed carry and defensive handgun use.


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