Ruger - The AWESOME Ruger Alaskan 44 Magnum

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    I recently bought a Ruger (Super Redhawk) Alaskan .44 Magnum to add to my revolver collection. I knew nothing about this revolver except it looks very heavy duty, and because it's a Ruger it's got to be well-made. I was NOT disappointed! What a BEAST. This revolver not only looks great, it can easily handle the hottest .44 Magnum loads ever produced. And it won't break your arm from recoil! In fact, it's down-right fun to shoot Buffalo Bore 340 grain +P+ Ammo in it. I'm not kidding... this revolver really handles super hot loads with ease.

    I went to the gun-range yesterday and shot off 50 rounds of BLAZER 200 gr. JHP's 44 SPECIALS to get familiar with the gun. Then I shot 50 rounds of Remington 240 grain JFP .44 Magnums. I then fired off 12 rounds of Hornaday 300 grain .44 Magnums. It was a little stouter than the 240's but still very manageable. I finally worked up the nerve to try out some Buffalo Bore 340 grain +P+ ammo. What a shock that was... It was a bit stouter than the 300's and a lot louder but EASILY controllable and it didn't hurt a bit.

    I shot at 7 yards and all shots were within 2". Then I moved to 15 yards and all shots were within 3" or less. But my proudest moment was shooting the 340 +P+ at 15 yards and easily stayed within 3".

    I own at least a dozen 44 Magnums, and the Ruger Alaskan has become my all-time favorite!

    Here is my Alaskan next to my Smith & Wesson TALO 629-6


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