RUGER - Ruger 10 22 CHARGER

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    I bought one of these Ruger 10 22 Chargers (.22 LR rimfire) so I wouldn't have to take out a loan to go plinking. Basically, the Charger is a chopped down 10 22 rifle. This is good! All the accessories for the rifle will work on the Charger, and there's lots of accessories to chose from. The Charger comes with one 10 round magazine so I bought several 25 round magazines, and a few factory 10 round magazines. There are no iron sights so you need to get a scope of some sort. I bought a Red Dot and a Burrus 4x28 scope. I prefer the scope.

    Right out of the box, the Charger is a fine shooting gun. The trigger pull is a bit heavy for me but it's smooth. I put a thousand rounds through it the first day and I didn't have a single problem. The accuracy is impressive at most any distance. I shot at 50 yards and easily kept a 1" group with cheap bulk ammo. I did buy a Hornet custom trigger assembly to lighten up the pull & pre-travel. It works great for me, but it's not really necessary to have a fun day a the gun range.

    I bought my Charger for $299.99 on line and it's a supreme plinking pistol. So if you like plinking and don't really want to spend a fortune, the Charger just might be your next gun!


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