Romania Import WASR-10

  • Manufacturer:
    GP WASR-10 is a semi-automatic-only rendition of the famous 7.62x39 mm AKM rifle configured with a fixed laminated stock and a laminated fore-end.

    Manufactured in Romania, the 7.62x39 mm GP WASR-10 is imported as a “single-stack” rifle that accepts single-column 10-round magazines. After arriving in the U.S., the rifles are disassembled, the magazine wells machined out to accept double-stack magazines, and the requisite number of U.S.-made parts are installed for BATFE compliance.

    In the case of this particular variant, the U.S.-made parts are as follows: trigger, hammer, disconnector, compensator, gas piston and pistol grip. The trigger, hammer and disconnector are investment cast from 4140 steel for Century by Thompson Investment Castings, while the compensator and stainless steel gas piston are manufactured by a local firm. The synthetic pistol grip is manufactured by Century.

    With the sunsetting of the so-called “assault-weapons ban” in September of 2004, semi-automatic rifles are now allowed to have features such as threaded muzzles, folding/collapsing stocks and bayonet lugs. Consequently, this particular GP WASR-10 features a threaded muzzle (with a removable, slant brake) and a bayonet lug. Currently the rifles are imported without these features, requiring Century to thread the muzzles and weld on and machine new bayonet lugs. The rifle came with a batch of accessories, including a canvas double magazine pouch, two 30-round magazines, a cleaning kit designed to fit in the buttstock storage compartment, and an early-style Model 59 bayonet.


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