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    These targets are Awesome!

    I just tried out these zombie Targets from Rimrock Firearms and love them. I ordered an assorted 7pk for $20 + $6 shipping, on a Thursday, received an email saying they would ship that afternoon, and received them on Tue. I wish everything I ordered from the Internet arrived that fast.

    I'm the kind of guy that uses a sheet of printer paper with a dot drawn in the center for targets. So I thought I was getting kind of carried away paying almost $3 ea. ($2.86 in a 7pk.) for these target, but I wanted to do my part in the Zombie Invasion of 2011 so I went ahead and tried them.

    Once I had a chance to use a couple I was actually delightfully surprised at how economical these targets really are. The targets vary in the number of aim points each contain, but in the target pictured above I have the option of using all of the following 12 aim points: Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Knee, Right Knee, Groin, Wheel Chair Icon, Left Stump, Right Hand, Zombie Guy Title, Skull and Crossbones Icon, not to mention the Head, and Heart areas. That puts the actual aim points at less than $0.25 apiece! In my opinion, that $0.25 is more than worth the light hearted fun and excitement that these targets bring to this shooting sport I love! While my groups in the above photo were unacceptably large (learning to shoot a pocket pistol) even if they were much larger, I would still have no problem finding at lease a half dozen aim points on these targets.

    The only complaint I have about these targets are the fact that most of them have little flies drawn in around the zombies wounds. While they add a little character to the targets, they are very easily mistaken for a bullet hole, even at only 7 yards. I was thrown off several times by them.

    Note worthy is the fact that the fellas at Rimrock are in the process of creating two new zombie targets simply because a couple of guys here at FTF requested them. That goes a long way to show how down to earth, and customer oriented the guys at Rimrock Firearms are! Maybe the flies will just disappear after this review?

    The one thing I know for sure is I'll be purchasing more of these targets, even after the invasion has subsided.:)


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