Rhyno Technologies - Rhyno Two Tone Aluminum Grips for Sig Sauer P238

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    The company, Rhyno Technologies (, produces aluminum grips. I have been paying attention to this company since last October (2009) after I met a sales rep in a shooting range in the Atlanta area. It seems that they are producing aluminum grips for Sig Sauer P238 only at this time, but with about 10 styles.

    I just purchased a pair, the first one in the product grid with a part number of 481380. The list price is $85.99, however, I paid $55.50 for a pair, and I consider this a very good deal. I've seen similar products in the price range of $80 - $90.

    The grips have slim profile, and the silver part is checkered. After I replaced the original somewhat bulky plastic Sig grips, I immediately feel a much better hold on the gun !!!

    THis is my first Amazon style review, and this Sig P238 is my first ever concealed carry weapon. I am a realtor in the Atlanta area, BTW.

    Recommend !


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