Remington 700 SPS Varmint

  • Manufacturer:
    Remington 700 SPS Varmint\'s Trigger Guard is a piece of Garbage!My gun is less than 3 months old. While cleaning it, I always drop the magazine.The bottom plate\'s neck latched into the trigger guard broke and fell to the ground.Then I discovered, it was made of Cast Aluminum, Not Solid Aluminum. Maybe made in China! On top of this, Remington\'s Customer Service Warranty Sucks! Boy it took 2 weeks and the order is still in process. So I called after two weeks then learned that the first rep who took my warranty claim put the wrong part in. So the 2nd rep I spoke to, just put a new order. Thus is will take another 2 weeks to process. Unbelievable Customer Service/Warranty Support. I was happy with the Gun until it broke under normal circumstances/use.Remington! Get your act together! Stop using cheap made in China parts! Improve your Customer Service/Support!Lastly, if you plan to continue using these cheap made in China parts, at Least Improve your Documentation to say, Please catch the cheap bottom plate at the Trigger Guard so the Cheap China Part will not Fall Apart! Love the Gun but not Remington\'s Customer Support..... Now, I can go back to my normal life since I\'ve released my disappointments and frustrations with Remington.
    Love the Gun not the Company. Heads Up! Catch the bottom plate!


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