CrossBreed SuperTuck ~vs~ Galco King Tuck

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    Maybe instead of this being a pure review, it should be called a 'showdown' between these two holsters.

    I've been using a CrossBreed for several years while carrying several different 1911 pistols of various different sizes.

    Last year I purchased a couple 1911 pistols with the lower accessory rails and none of my various holsters will accept a 1911 with an accessory rail. So while shopping at Cabelas to pick up some 45acp I walked down the holster aisle and found a Galco King Tuck for 1911 w/rail.

    ~The Galco is 2 layers of leather that are glued or bonded together while the CrossBreed is 1 layer of leather.

    ~The leather on the skin side of the holster is smooth, almost with a polished finish. The skin side of the CrossBreed is a natural finish that is not rough, but nor is it smooth.

    ~The Kydex holster on the Galco is a 'universal' fit type, they used exactly the same Kydex part for their 1911 5" holster, their 1911 3-to-4" holster and their "railed" and "non-railed" holsters. The leather was longer on the 5" holster than on the 3-4" holster. The Kydex on the CrossBreed is individually moulded to the gun model ~~ or it was when I bought mine several years ago.

    ~The metal belt clips on the Galco hold securely and snap over your belt. The CrossBreed offers several different types of loops and clips.

    ~The 'front' side metal belt clip on the Galco is very close to the Kydex holster and causes your belt to pull hard on the attachment points. The clips don't flex as well as they do on the CrossBreed because there are 2 attachment points for each of the Galco belt clips. I think over time this will lead to leather wear. The 'front size belt clip on the CrossBreed is spaced ever so slightly farther away from the Kydex holster and allows for less stress on the individual attachment point.

    ~Both the CrossBreed and the Galco allow you to adjust the depth at which the gun rides by adjusting the position of the belt clips.

    ~The CrossBreed attaches each clip with 1 screw point while the Galco attaches with 2 screw points. 1 screw is preferable because it allow you to angle and offset the belt clips, effectively letting you cant the CrossBreed while the cant on the Galco is not effectively adjustable.

    Overall I'd say that the Galco 'looks' like a better holster than the CrossBreed, but realistically I think the CrossBreed is actually the better carry holster.

    The Galco appears more finely finished, the leather appears to be nicer, the mold/shape of the Kydex looks nicer. But the Kydex on the Galco is a little thinner so I hope it doesn't crack over time. Also the spacing of the belt clips on the Galco leads to the above mentioned stress.

    My carry experience with the Galco is pretty minimal, while I have several years of using the CrossBreed, that said the CrossBreed seems to carry more comfortably than the Galco. That could be because of the clip position? That could be because the leather is more flexible/less stiff? That could be because the CrossBreed has a larger leather bearing surface?

    Both are fine holsters, I prefer the CrossBreed. The CrossBreed is about $69, the Galco about $63. The extra $6 for the CrossBreed is worth the money. JMO

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