Calverton Shooting Range

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    It\'s not the fanciest, but this outdoor range on eastern Long Island gets the job done. Located in what looks like an old gravel pit, accessed by a barely paved road that meanders past old construction equipment, it offers two sections: one for rifles, with targets set at 50, 100, and 200 yards, and one section for shotguns, black powder and pistols. Admission is $18 per person, depending on how busy the range is an employee either collects the fee at the entry or comes around the dirt parking area to get the money.

    Amenities are few. There\'s no cover from the weather, just open air benches with a motley collection of chairs. Some of the benches have been replaced in the past month or so. There\'s a trailer with a pretty good selection of ammo and accessories at reasonable prices, though it\'s not always open when the range is operating. There are a couple of Porta Potties, and in the summer a roach coach selling snacks and drinks.

    In the rifle section a range officer calls cease fires every 30 minutes or so, while in the shotgun/black powder/pistol section the shooters call cease fires themselves. It sounds chaotic but works well. Range rules include aimed shots only, with a (surely hard to enforce) 3-second minimum between shots, and paper targets only. I believe you can shoot clays in the shotgun area but I\'ve never seen anyone doing so. Anecdotally, I\'ve heard that the employees are much less unpleasant than at many other ranges, though I have no personal knowledge.


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