Mark F

BENELLI M1-SUPER 90 Tactical

  • Manufacturer:
    This is not your "walking in the woods" dove hunting shotgun. The Benelli Super 90 Tactical is made specifically for breaching door locks and laying down tons shotgun fire-power. It's 18.5" barrel with Muzzle brake pretty much tells the story. My Super 90 has the optional 8 shot tube, making it a 9 shot beast. I am told the cycling is so fast, you "can" fire all 9 rounds BEFORE the first spent shell hits the ground. I can't prove this first-hand as the recoil is too potent for me. Like most Benelli's, you can't use light loads as it will not properly cycle. The M1 version is now called an M4. They're really one of the same for practical purposes.


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