460 Smith & Wesson Magnum

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    My being an owner of many Smith & Wesson revolvers, it seemed only natural to get another X Frame. This time it was the infamous XVR 460 S&W Magnum. There are many variations of this revolver and the one I chose is the 163465A M460 XVR. It\'s a 5 inch barrel with the replaceable muzzle brake.First off, if you aren\'t a hand-cannon advocate this revolver isn\'t for you. It has a massive muzzle-blast (equal to or greater than the 500 Magnum) if a maximum pressure cartridge is fired. Now for the good news, the recoil while being stout it\'s very manageable. The 3.5 pound frame really absorbs the recoil while the muzzle brake keeps the barrel flip to a minimum. Another big plus to the 460 is it shoots a nice variety of ammo IE: 45 Colt (AKA: 45 Long Colt), 454 Casull, and finally the 460 round. 300 Grain 45 Colt +P ammo is super docile in the revolver, as is standard velocity 45 Colt ammo. The rules change a bit when you up the ante to 454 Casull, and even more so when you load up heavy 460 rounds. But again, it\'s very manageable.On my first outing, I shot 50 rounds of standard 45 Colts followed by 20 rounds of Underwood 300 grain +P 45\'s, then moved on to Corbon 325 grain Bear Load 460\'s. My day ended with a total of 100 rounds fired through my 460 XVR. I was a little tired but a BIG SMILE on my face.If you can get used to the massive report this revolver produces, you will have a big smile on your face too. The only down-side to the 460 is, ammo is very expensive. I reload so cost is of little concern.
    As compared to my 500 Magnum, I have found the 460 is much more versatile and more fun to shoot.


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