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  1. MrsGriz
    For sale? Or just showing off? Don't worry, we understand if it's the latter
  2. kfox75
    Wow. I'm actually impressed, simply because of how strong Rugers are built. That was one hell of a charge, to blow both the cylinder and top strap. My guess would be wrong powder.
  3. kbd512
    If that really was a before / after on pizza, then the photo on the right would show a man with a triple chin and the photo on the right would have to be larger than the photo on the left. Apart...
  4. crash11049
    At one time Sears sold the LC Smith .
  5. Viking
    That's why I quit using double based powders years ago, for revolvers all I use anymore is H-110, 296 or Accuracy Arms #9 filled up to the base of the bullet or slightly compressed, double based...

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