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This is my Ruger Redhawk 41mag. It has a 7 1/4" barrel and is all stainless.

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I LOVE it! I have had & shot a 5.5" blued 41 mag Redhawk ever since it came out & it's my most used, versatile magnum revolver! Since I eload & cast I have unlimited choices on loads but have pretty much settled on 3 loads to do it all. A straight wheel weight mild plinking/edible small game load, a warm jacketed, and HARD cast HOT load that I used to drop a mature bull elk in 1985 with 3 witnesses (back off the other side of the canyon with 1 guy catching it on VHS. It's perhaps the luckiest shot I've ever made as the bull was facing me when the wind swirled & I got busted so shot quick. The hard cast bullet nicked the spine from frontal chest, a tiny sliver of bone went in between the vertebrae and severed the spinal cord, making him drop on the spot! The bullet then exited out the butt after penetrating the entire full length not to be recovered, and we all paced it off afterwards & concluded it was 109 yards! I'm glad the other guys are still alive & I still have the tape! I do need to get it transferred to DVD however. None of us ever dreamed the 41 mag would penetrate that far!

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