Woman Saves Hubby With Empty Shotgun

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    Don't tell Joe Biden but it looks like the humble shotgun has triumphed again in one of the most amazing tales of home defense you are likely to read. It involves a shotgun, a bear, two senior citizens, and a cautionary tale about training.

    Bear attack in Wisconsin

    Outside of the small village of Silver Cliff (pop 529) in Marinette County, there was a small cabin. A rural, back-to-nature way of life is central to this part of the country as the area's two main rivers, the Peshtigo and Menominee, and many lakes, streams, and forests make it an outdoor destination. As reported by the IBTimes, WPRI, the Green Bay Gazette and others, it was here that 74-year old Gerre Ninnemann and his 71-year old wife Marie were spending a quiet spring day relaxing. That was until Gerre noticed their pet dog barking and went to see what the commotion was all about.

    Photo from Fox 11 provided by Ninnemann family

    When Gerre went outside, he saw a 200-pound black bear advancing on his dog. Not one to let his dog be attacked, Gerre rushed in to his yard to scare the bear away. While he did in fact save his four-legged companion, the bear decided instead to attack Mr. Ninnemann. In his attempt to get away, the senior pet lover was mauled with scratches and bites to his neck and back. It was then that Marie sprang into action.

    Wife to the Rescue with Empty Shotgun

    Grabbing her husband's 20-gauge shotgun and a handful of shells, Marie ran out to take that whole 'in sickness and in health' thing seriously. The only thing is-- she had no idea how to load the shotgun. With on the job training in bear attacks not too conductive to using those fine motor skills in learning a new task, she reverted to her gross motor skills and used the shotgun as a club.

    Striking the bear over the head with the gun as an impact tool, the 200-pound bruiser was stunned enough to stop his attack.

    Knowing how to get these into your shotgun correctly could save your life, or one of your loved ones in a critical moment.

    The Rest of the Story

    Retreating to the door the pair used the shotgun to prod the angry bear away until they were able to shut themselves in the house. There, with a now quickly loaded 20-gauge, they waited for 45-minutes while the bear circled their cabin until local sheriff deputies arrived on the scene.

    In a brief engagement, a deputy destroyed the bear, which was checked by conservation officers and tested negative for rabies.

    Gerre went to a local medical center for treatment and Marie was reportedly taught how to load a shotgun.

    You can just never be too informed these days.

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