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    I got a request to do a review of a gun belt the other day. "Sure," I said to myself. I can always use another belt. I was told it was a size 36 so I figured no sweat; I'm a 34W jeans guy.

    Well the belt came in the mail and the first thing I noticed was it had this extra leather patch sewn into the belt. Maybe I'd better find out what I have here?

    A quick check on Facebook explained its purpose.


    "Hum," I thought, "That doesn't look like it's going to provide much retention."

    Then I put the belt on. Uh oh, 36W?

    Yep, but it sure is tight *choke* and I'm not lying 'bout my waist:

    I was having some real doubts about this belt so I read on.

    TheGunBelt is made of double-ply, harness stitched leather from Herman Oak Leather Company. It is very well made. The buckle hardware is available in Brass or Nickel Plated and is also of high quality.

    TheGunBelt is 1" wide and available in Black, Russet and Brown. My test belt is the Brown version. It makes a great jeans belt but could be used in a much more formal setting without shouting "I'm carrying."

    Well let's give this puppy a test drive.

    I wore the belt for over a week, *choke* (tight remember?) and it did get a wee bit more comfortable.

    I highly suggest when ordering to get one at least 2 sizes larger than your pants size, or you could simply do what the directions state:

    "When ordering your gun belt, please be precise when specifying your measurements. We must have all the information in the drop down boxes and Personalize Your Product section on the order form. Your belt will be custom made to your specifications."

    Each time I holstered (belted?) my gun I felt better about the security this rig provided. After about four days it became second nature and I was in the comfort zone. My mind was rapidly changing from my initial impression.

    My test belt is a Right Side Kidney 4:00 o'clock.


    No I'm not left handed, it's a mirror shot.

    Here are my thoughts on TheGunBelt:
    • This is a very well made product.
    • This belt should provide function and service for a long product life.
    • It secures your carry piece tight to your body.
    • After getting used to this rig, I found no reason to worry about retention.
    • I think it will be much more gun-finish friendly than my other leather holsters.
    • Gun access and draw are excellent. (Re-holstering [or re-belting], not so much.)
    • This rig works well with a Tommy Bahama Shirt, a large T-shirt untucked or a jacket unless your state is okay with open carry.
    • The MSRP of $95.00 seems high until you realize you don't have the expense of a holster.
    • The belt is limited to auto-loaders. I tried some of my revolvers and they just didn't fit. (LCR, M19 and M29)

    Your carry position is fixed with the following order options:
    • Cross Draw Left-Handed Shooter
    • Cross Draw Right-Handed Shooter
    • Left Side Kidney 4:00
    • Left Side 3:00
    • Right Side Kidney 4:00
    • Right Side 3:00

    You can order an additional strap as follows:
    • Cross Draw Left-Handed Shooter (Add $30.00)
    • Cross Draw Right-Handed Shooter (Add $30.00)
    • Left Side Kidney 4:00 (Add $30.00)
    • Left Side 3:00 (Add $30.00)
    • Right Side Kidney 4:00 (Add $30.00)
    • Right Side 3:00 (Add $30.00)

    I'm intrigued with the utility (for me) of a Right Side Kidney @ 4:00 and the additional strapfor a Cross Draw Right-Handed Shooter for driving. This would be for access purpose onlybecause with my Commander, albeit comfortable while driving, would be a real pain to drawfrom the kidney location.

    The belt does have a lot of versatility for auto-loaders.

    3" 1911

    4.25" 1911

    5" 1911

    canebrake's version of the long slide 1911

    Browning Hi Power

    Ithaca M1911A1

    Luger P08

    This belt is not for everyone, but for those that see its utility, it is a winner.

    I think the company needs to brag-up the real advantage/convenience of the hip carry withthe cross draw capability while driving.

    I'm just sayin'.


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