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    With all of the ergonomics of a nice staple gun but without the quality, there is a new player on the compact/oddball 22LR market. The ZiP22


    According to US Firearms website on the ZiP, it was designed because, "we believe consumers just want to pull the trigger as affordably as they can . . . all day long."

    With that, the gun is a very forward-looking design that is almost overly safe to fire. Something like this shows potential for training safe firearms use for new shooters, or an affordable plinker for informal target shooting, survival, camping, or pest control applications.

    (Zip website photo)


    Kind of in the same vein as the Boberg series of pistols, the ZiP22 is a bullpup-style handgun in which the trigger guard is located well forward of the frame. As such, it does not have a pistol grip that you are used to, or a slide that cycles over the shooter's wrist. This means that the gun, while having a very respectable 5.25-inch long barrel, is still just under 6-inches overall length, which is very handy.


    A pure blowback design, it does not have an extractor, letting the force of the recoil simply kick the empty casing out of the gun. This is similar in operation to the Beretta Cat (Bobcat, Tomcat, etc.) series of small 22/25 pistols. Striker fired, it has five (did we say 5?) yes, five active and passive safeties. One of these is an ingenious design that in effect childproofs the gun by locking both the striker and trigger lock. This lock works without a key. A loaded chamber indicator is on the top of the frame.

    The manufacturer is also in the works of offering modular interchangeable tops, interchangeable barrels (for suppressors and longer lengths, etc.), and even the capability to mount it to a rifle stock or under an existing platform. (NFA rules apply)

    (Factory Video)

    • Caliber: 22 L.R.
    • Barrel Length: 5.25"
    • Frame: 5.9"
    • Approx. Weight: 0.95 lbs.
    • Avg. Height: 3.1"
    • Avg. Width: 1.2"
    • Standard Frame Color: BASIC Black (Coyote Tan, Alien Gray, and Blue optional)
    • Product Bar Code Number: 896213002876
    • MSRP: $199.99. Call Your Dealer for Best Price
    • (Note this model ships without a magazine, for a $219 MSRP it ships with one Ruger BX-1 magazine)

    Field Trials

    These guns are pretty new and current gunbroker prices are hitting closer to twice the MSRP of $199. We here at Firearms Talk had a chance to fire one of these polymer zip guns at the range recently that is owned by a local dealer. Brand new out of the box the gun had multiple failure to ejects with aftermarket extended 10/22 magazines. After a thorough cleaning, inspection, and proper lubrication with ballistol, the gun still had issues cycling 100% reliably but did smooth out some. We tried multiple magazines and loads and had better luck with standard Ruger 10-round mags and zippy ammo (CCI Mini-Mag, CCI Tactical, Winchester Super X22LR Hypervelocity etc.).

    The handling is...different. The feel of the gun is that of an old VCR tape but without the enjoyment of a movie inside of it, but you get used to it. It's bulky and it takes a minute to figure out the manipulation of the gun. For instance, the cocking lever is located above and to the side of the muzzle. It has a stiff trigger that seems to have a very long travel. To make up for this, on follow-up shots the gun has a really nice (about 1/10 of an inch) trigger reset.

    Our gun came from the factory with two different springs in the package to modify the firearm's recoil for various ammunition. If you had the time, you can always test and evaluate which one works best for you to make feeding and ejection work a little better. It shot very accurately out to 15-yards, which is the limits of our range time.

    Overall, the gun is very, very, neat and once some of the newness wears off these futuristic guns (allowing the price to drop down to MSRP), I may get one of my own.


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