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    The Old Mill is a small gun shop in Leominster, Massachusetts. It has been open for close to five months now. I went in to the shop to check it out approximately two months ago. The owner John was a very knowledgeable and friendly guy. I talked shop for a while with him and he gave me a great deal on a box of 10mm ammo. I greatly enjoyed the visit.
    About a week later I stopped in and John told me about an AR building seminar he was running. It was a one day class for $1100.00. He would teach you how to build an AR and at the end of the class you would keep the rifle you build and the tools along with being certified as an AR armorer. How could you possibly beat a deal like that? I was flat broke at the time so I couldn't afford to take advantage of the deal. I told him I was very interested in one of his rifles and that I would be back to make a trade. At a price of $950 for a mil-spec rifle I had to have one.

    I returned the next day with a few guns that I had acquired that I didn't particularly care for. John was more than fair on what he gave me for them and I was able to get one of his AR platforms in return. When my brand new rifle arrived I returned to The Old Mill to pick it up and John and I got started talking. As luck would have it he was looking for a gunsmith. We discussed payment and skill level etc. and he hired me on the spot. I also happened to notice that he hadn't put a huge markup on my guns.
    The Old Mill Gun Shop has come a long way in a period of just a few months. We have moved the shop across the hall, still located at 435 Lancaster St. in Leominster, and we are opening up an indoor air rifle range in our original location across the hall. The gunsmithing department is up and running for most basic work and we plan to get more equipment in the near future including a laser engraver. We also are happy to build your AR to order. Come down and tell us exactly what you are looking for and we can build it for you at a reasonable price. Our inventory of new and used guns is always expanding and we get a vast array of interesting and rare firearms in all the time. We also buy trade and consign firearms all at reasonable prices.

    On top of everything else we also offer Basic Pistol Courses. We have one coming up on October 27th. The deposit is $50 that goes towards the total $125. It is a short one day class with a break for lunch on us. The class meets requirements for you to get your license to carry. If you are interested come on by and sign up. We are also signing up members for the air gun range. Special rates and free events will be open for members. If you don't have time to swing by and hang out you can contact us at [email protected] or check out our new website​

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