The New Caracal CC10 Carbine

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    One of the more interesting entries by exhibitors at the 2013 Shotshow was by the Caracal group. They arrived with an interesting polymer framed carbine that is sure to turn heads and finds a ready market.

    Who is Caracal?

    The unlikely United Arab Emirates (UAE) firm of Caracal (the name of the desert lynx found across the Middle East) has been a newcomer to the gun markets. Their best-known product, the Caracal F pistol has already built a good reputation since its introduction in 2006. It was designed by Austrian pistolsmith Wilhelm Bubits, the man behind the Steyr M handgun among others. The pistol itself is a full-sized polymer framed striker-fired firearm chambered in 9mm, 40SW, and others. It is a tough and reliable gun that has already sold well to international military and police end-users. To do so it had to pass the strict NATO D14 test criteria, along with that of the German TA Police Standard and the Federal Armed Forces Technical Purchasing standard.


    The Design of the Caracal Carbine

    Taking a page from Beretta, who years ago introduced the PX4/CX4 family almost on top of each other, the Middle Eastern firm is rolling out a pistol caliber carbine based in large part on their already proven handgun design.


    The CC10 Carbine is loaded with features. These include an ambidextrous magazine release, quick-change barrel (they come in various lengths) and the capability to accept double-stack magazines in 10, 15 and 18 round capacity. Incidentally, the mags are gratefully interchangeable with the Caracal pistol, which of course leads to the prospect of owning one of each to fill out your shooting needs.


    The CC10 has three safeties including a manual Safety, trigger blocking safety, and bolt-anti recoil safety to keep those slam fires away. The removable buttstock includes a storage area and the polymer stock is well equipped with MIL STD rails for accessories and optics.

    • Total Length 34.98-inches
    • Barrel Length (LB) 16.25-inches
    • Width 1.74-inches
    • Weight (unloaded) (LB) 6.42-pounds
    • Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum

    Caracal also makes the CC10 in a short-barrel (SB) version for military and LE sales


    Pistol caliber carbines have been popular ever since World War 1. In the last stages of that conflict, the first submachine guns-- the Bergman MP18 and the Thompson SMG came about. These short and handy rifles carried large quantities of compact, lightweight, and portable pistol ammunition. Fast forward to WWII and beyond and this same class of firearm became the M3 Grease Gun, the STEN, and the Sterling. By the 1960s the UZI, Swedish K-Gun and others replaced it. Around the same time, these guns, in semi-automatic format with longer barrels to remain legal, found rapid adoption for both sport target recreation, and hunting as well as home defense applications. By the 1990s, manufacturers specifically were designing new pistol caliber carbines such as the Marlin Camp Carbine, the Ruger PC9, and the Hi-point 995 due to the increasing demand.

    Now we see the Caracal as the next in this evolutionary process. These compact carbines are easy to shoot, accurate, have low-recoil, and are effective out to 100-yards and beyond. With Caracal planning to send these out to retailers by the second quarter of 2013, you can expect to see these coming to a shelf near you soon.

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