The Gun Control Express Still Rolling

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    Even After the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, along with a half dozen other pieces of anti-second amendment legislation stalled in Congress, the would be gun-grabbers are not done yet. However, what they apparently did not plan on is that they and those who side with them are facing and ever stronger uphill fight-- that has had unexpected consequences.

    President Vows to Keep Pushing

    In a May 2 speech in Mexico City, President Obama vowed he will "continue to do everything in my power" to pass gun control legislation, saying that it's "the right thing to do. When the administration was asked in a news conference in Washington the next day, a senior spokesperson said, that Vice President Biden "will continue to meet with groups who are active in the gun debate and has said repeatedly and publicly that we aren't going to give up."...and "As the president said yesterday, 'This is just the first round,'

    All this lean muscle is being expended when just 4% of Americans consider gun control to be a priority in a recent poll.

    New York Safe Act Pushback Continues


    More than forty counties in New York are now calling for a repeal of the State's new gun control laws. Known as the SAFE Act, the legislation has a lot of popular support in New York City and Albany (as the map shows) but the rest of the Empire State seems to be along for the ride and is not too happy about it.

    Remington however, is refusing to leave the state after meeting with New York senators and a new $80 million contract for new M40 series sniper rifles for the US Army was announced the same day.

    Meanwhile, in neighboring New Jersey, the state senate has approved a whole hat trick of new gun laws.

    Gun Makers Hold True to Threats to leave

    When Colorado passed extreme new gun control measures, two local companies HiViz Shooting Systems - LitePipe Technology Gun Sights and Magpul announced plans to leave. These companies have in fact picked up and left. HiViz to neighboring Wyoming and Magpul to a currently undisclosed state besides Colorado.

    In Connecticut, with draconian new laws in place, Stag Arms, Colt, and Mossberg have been evaluating a change of venue. Colt has pulled the trigger (excuse the pun) and has begun moving its Colt Competition branch to the North Texas town of Breckenridge into 130,000-sq ft. of unused factory space in that more second amendment friendly state. Mossberg and Stag have not announced the details of any plans to shuttle out of the state, but it is expected, especially with Stag who is a major producer of AR-15 platform rifles.

    Beretta, threatened with a looming new law in Maryland is still on the fence as to whether it will leave, taking its $31 million in tax revenue and 400 jobs, with it.

    Dicks gets the shaft

    Last Christmas when Dicks Sporting Goods announced they would stop stocking certain semi-auto rifles and even canceled a huge tie in with Troy Carbines, they upset many shoppers. Well it seems like these shoppers have a long memory and voted with their dollars.

    From rareus : "At a time where the only thing a company has to do to sell firearms, ammo and accessories is to unlock their doors, Dick's sales have flat-lined. In fact, their sales dropped 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to 2011 and their shares 10 percent in the last quarter."

    Armed Citizens on patrol


    With so much activity being devoted to the arguments for and against gun control, some well-meaning pro-2nd amendment activists are taking to the streets with their firearms to better their neighborhood. In Oregon a group of 20 armed citizens continue to perform what is being called DIY law enforcement once their local sheriff's office budget was cut in half and lawmen became scarce.

    In Charlotte, North Carolina, a young man with his grandfather's WWII-era Enfield rifle and a plate carrier has taken to carrying out a one-man patrol of his neighborhood, with mixed opinions from his neighbors.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is apparently putting together a 14-piece bagpipe band with both Leather Day and Horsehair Sporrans.

    This ride is just going to keep on picking up speed. Stay tuned to Firearms for the updates.

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