The FlashBang Bra Holster

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    In the world of CCW holsters, there is always the constant search for a holster that is comfortable, concealable, and reliable. The contest between conceal ability and utility is the number one challenge to overcome.

    Flashbang, a section of Looper Law Enforcement LLC, has perfected a deep concealment inside the bra holster.

    The draw band fitted to the holster of a small compact pistol or revolver holds the holster around the bottom of the center portion of the bra between the cups. Flashbang sends a variety of suede straps with their holsters to enable its use with different undergarments. About the only style of bra, that it just absolutely will not fit is a high chest style sports bra.

    - Photo by flashbang

    Designed to be worn horizontally with the grip oriented downward and the barrel/muzzle inside your bra cup of the offhand side. The holsters are modified bladetech kydex style holsters to weight reduction and durability. The barrel portion of the holster is textured in the bra-side to help hold it in place and prevent the firearm from moving around. The holster and bra hanger strap is adjustable for comfort and movement.

    Advantages of the Flashbang is that females who wear form fitting pants/jeans and do not carry a handbag or satchel can still carry a deeply concealed small handgun. The fact that the firearm is held inside the strong core area of the body ensures an advantage in a weapons retention scenario.

    Disadvantages of course is that the holster is almost a mandatory two-handed draw, with the offhand opening or raising the shirt and the string hand going for the firearm. This can take some time in a crisis situation. However, with practice it can be expected that the average female CCW carrier using a Flashbang holster can deploy the firearm in less than two seconds. Care must also be taken to make sure that you do not flash the off hand with the muzzle of the firearm and this tactic must be drilled and ensured for safety. See the video below for reference.

    The Flashbang holster is the creation of Lisa Looper of Looper Law Enforcement LLC. The Looper family has been in the leather/holster business since 1938. After 7 years in the industry and countless times of trying to look like a "girl" while carrying concealed, Lisa began to develop the idea that has become the Flashbang.

    With today's slim jeans and large purses and fanny packs "so-1988," a inside the bra holster such as the Flashbang worn by the model above, is increasingly valid. (Photo by FlashBang)

    According to Flashbang's website, they sell holsters that fit Ruger LCP, LCR, and LC9, Smith J Frame snubbies and Bodyguard autos, Keltec 380s, SigP238s/Kimber Solo/Colt Mustang, Taurus TCP, Glock 26/27, Bersa 380s, Seecamp pocket guns, Walther PP/K/S series and others. Price runs about $40 plus shipping.

    Their motto is, "Play nice...Let the bad guy die happy!"

    Well put.

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