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    Want to get your product out to over 275,000 firearm enthusiasts monthly, FOR FREE? FirearmsTalk is the perfect platform to get your product to market or to promote an existing product.As of December 2011 our monthly audience has grown to over 275,000 unique firearm enthusiasts that are here to learn and find new products to purchase.

    We have a team of professional firearm writers that are available to review and evaluate your product. This includes a complete technical write-up article with rich professional photographs. Our articles are distributed through our network of e-mail subscribers, Twitter followers,Facebook fans and over 33,000 community forum members.

    Getting your products listed at is simply the best and most cost-effective way of marketing your products to an ever growing online audience of firearmenthusiasts.

    How Does It Work?

    Products can be shipped direct to us:
    PO BOX 911
    San Marcos, Texas 78667

    Your product will be made available to our reviewing staff immediately upon receipt, and will be reviewed only by a reviewer who specifically wants to review it AND that we know has extensive experience with. If you send us reloading equipment, it will go to a writer who we know reloads.

    If your web site does not have information on your product, you may wish to send individual paper instructions or reference material which we can forward to each reviewer. You may also send this information via email in a Word doc or PDF, and we can distribute it to our reviewers that way.

    After the article is complete and before go-live we will e-mail you a copy. This will give you the opportunity to inform the reviewer of any factual mistakes that were made. All products become owned by the reviewer.

    If your product requires FFL or Fedex/UPS shipment please contact us:

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