Springfield Armory 3.8 Compact 45ACP

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    I have been shooting and enjoying 1911s since the late 80's. Recently my wife picked out a Springfield Armory XDm 4.5 inch in 9mm and after trying her gun out I had to get an XDm of my own. I chose the 4.5 inch 45acp version. After shooting it for the last couple of months i have been converted from a dyed in the wool 1911 snob. I shoot the XDm much better, faster, and more accurate than I can my 1911s. I love my 1911s but they take back seat at this point to the XDm series.

    I tried the XD series out years ago and never really liked it. It just did not fit my hands very well but they were good shooters. the XDm made just minor changes but it was enough to make a world of difference for me.

    Recently Springfield Armory introduced the 3.8 inch compact version of the 45acp. 2 years ago the previous governor of Wisconsin vetoed the concealed carry bill and the price of small pocket guns dropped like a rock. At that time i got a real good deal on a Colt New Agent. I have been using it as my concealed carry gun since November of 2011. While its a small comfy to carry gun i just like the XDm series better. Plus I do not have to worry about ruining a very nice 1911 with body sweat salts. If I am ever forced to use my handgun in self defense I won't lose my really nice 1911 as evidence.

    Anyway here is my new 3.8 inch compact XDm. as you can see it comes with all the regular XDm goodies. Holster, magazine carrier, loader, extra back straps, lock, spent cartridge (for that idiotic gun trace silliness should your state waste money on it), 2 mags one 13 round and one 9 round, it also strangely comes with three magazine covers but only one magazine big enough to use them. I left the short magazine out of the pic by accident.


    Since the purpose of this gun is for concealed carry and my current carry gun is the colt new agent it is only fair to do a side by side comparison.

    The new agent is only slightly shorter at 7.75 inches from the muzzle to the grip safety to the XDm's 7.87 inches.


    Where the XDm really shines is the height factor coming in at 4.6 inches to the new agent's 4.75 inches.


    The new agent wins on width coming in at 1 inch even with the XDm at 1.3 inches. measurements taken considering the slide stops of each as the widest part.


    From my kitchen scale each round of 230 grain self defense ammunition weighs in at one ounce each for those that care about loaded weights.

    Empty the new agent was the winner at 1 pound 8 ounces to the XDm 1 pound 12 ounces. add another 8 ounces for the new agent's 7 plus 1 capacity and 10 ounces for XDm's 9+1 capacity with the short carry magazine.

    I do not have a holster for this gun yet so carrying it wont happen for a bit. I still have to test fire it to be sure it is going to function correctly. I do have a few extra things of interest. Since I also have the 4.5 inch version I thought I would snap a few interesting pictures with it.

    Here is the 4.5 and 3.8 compact in comparison.


    Here is the 3.8 without a grip extension on the 13 round magazine.


    One VERY interesting thing is that the 4.5 inch slide fits and seems to function on the compact frame!


    I hope you have enjoyed this short review.

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