Second Amendment Push Back

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    With the current assault on the ineligible right to keep and bear arms under the guise of protecting the children, there have been a few sane voices in the crowd who have spoken up and a few developments. Firearms Talk brings the latest news from the past week to you on this hot button issue.

    The Sheriffs unite

    Across the country it seems that your local sheriffs, those elected officials viewed as the chief law enforcement officers of the county, are publicly stating that they will refuse to enforce federal gun laws that are in violation of the national or state Constitution. This started with Oregon's Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller and quickly bloomed. Sheriffs across Oregon issued similar announcements followed by those in other Western states. By midweek this week more than 127 county sheriffs from coast to coast have made similar pledges . This includes lawmen as far apart as Delaware, Arizona, Missouri, Montana, and Utah (where no less than 29 sheriffs quickly came forward).

    Collin County Sheriff Terry Box of Texas summed it up when he said on January 22 that, "Neither I, nor any of my deputies, will participate in the enforcement of laws that violate our precious constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms."

    • It may be a good idea to call the sheriff in your own county and politely ask them where they stand on this issue, and weigh in with your feelings in a calm and rational manner.

    Governors circle the wagons

    At the next level lighter from your local county sheriffs, the governors of several states have come forward to warn the White House to tread lightly on decreeing what could be seen as draconian new gun control regulations. These elected officials have included Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, and Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi.


    Bryant sent a letter to the state Lt Governor detailing his views and has asked the Mississippi Legislature to "immediately pass legislation that would make any unconstitutional order by the President illegal to enforce in Mississippi by state or local law enforcement."

    • Find out where your governor stands. Call them and see.

    Grass roots efforts

    Membership in the NRA and other gun rights groups continues to rise. Besides discounting membership fees to $25 per year, they have also dropped other rates as well. A number of yearly members that renew their membership annually are taking advantage of amazing new rates for lifetime memberships to upgrade their status.


    Manufacturers and distributors of firearms, ammunition, magazines, and other accessories are starting to gear up-- not as in 1994 to get ready for a ban, but to squash the mere mention of a new one. When the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, the largest gun show in the Nation, announced that it would ban any of its 1200 vendors who displayed AR-15 type rifles, exhibitors pulled out by the dozens. In fact, so many big name vendors, including Smith and Wesson and Ruger, pulled their support for the show that the event, which draws more than 200,000 attendees with pockets full of cash, the show was forced to cancel altogether.

    • Be sure to visit your local small gun makers, gun shops, and reloading sellers and show them your support with your dollars.

    Share any news that you find and stay tuned to Firearms Talk for more information as it develops.

    (Photo by Oleg Volk)

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