New Yorks Strict New 2013 Gun Ban

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    The song says, 'if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere' and gun control advocates seem to have been able to make it happen in New York. On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the strongest new gun laws in the country. Even tougher than those on the books in California. Here at Firearms Talk we are bringing you just what this means.

    Social issues addressed


    Thought to long the real root of the recent spate of mass shootings, mental health professionals will be required to notify local law enforcement if they think that they are treating someone who is a potential danger to themselves or others. In this instance, the person would be refused firearms purchases and have any current guns temporarily removed. If someone has had a break with reality and is released from a mental health facility after the break has mended, it will be mandatory for them to receive outpatient treatment for a year.

    Likewise, if someone gets a protective order against another, said person will have to surrender their weapons. To keep guns out of unintended hands, it's now a misdemeanor to have an unlocked firearm in your home.

    Tougher punishments will be meted out to violators such those who would kill first responders such as firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers. Those who would attack them would be looking at a mandatory life sentence without parole. If you bring a gun to a school, it's now a felony.

    In response to the recent scandal of a local newspaper publishing the names and addressed of firearms permit owners, it will now be harder for media organs to obtain this information. This small facet could be the only good piece of pro-second amendment legislation in the new law.

    The Ban stick


    (If you live in New York, odds are some of these will be going away)

    One of the original 13-colonies, New York in early history was a bulwark of support for the 2nd Amendment. However, in recent generations the Empire State has implemented some of the toughest concepts in a very imperial effort to disarm their law-abiding citizens.

    First of all the state is now classifying any shotgun with one 'military style feature' (pistol grip, bayonet, detachable magazine, etc.) to be a vicious assault weapon as is all semi-automatic pistols and rifles with a detachable magazine and one of those features will likewise, be an assault weapon. And we all know what they do with those now don't we! Yup! Can't buy anymore of these in New York.

    Current owners of these evil things will be allowed (for now?) to keep them so long as they are registered within the next 365. This could mean that New Yorkers (besides those in NYC) have a slim shot (excuse the pun) at obtaining one of these in the meantime so much as it's registered within that year. If you ever want to sell it, it can't be to another New Yorker and must leave the state for good. Selling it on the downlow after that will be unwise, as you have to have it recertified every five years.

    Speaking of selling on fly, it's illegal now to sell to private parties (except for immediate family) without going to a FFL and having them perform the transfer. No more craigslist, armslist, and gunshow cash and carry situations. It's important for the government to know who has guns, and what they have; after all, you can't seize something if you can't find it.

    Downloading and Downsizing mags

    (If you live in Albany, I HOPE these are not 17-round mags, citizen)

    If you have a magazine that is over 10-rounds in New York State, the login to gunbroker or gunsamerica is pretty easy to do. I say that because the state now requires you to get rid of that bad boy within a year, no exceptions. You can destroy them, turn them in, or sell them (out of state) within the coming year but you can't possess them. Period.

    Furthermore, if you have a 10-round magazine, you can only be trusted to load it with 7-rounds of ammunition. Don't get caught with your P22 Winchester rimfire pistol fully loaded.

    And your ammo too

    If you live in New York, forget your login to Luckygunner and Ammotogo, because you can't order ammo online and have it shipped to you anymore. All ammo purchased in the state has to be bought face to face from an FFL holder. Said FFL holder has to perform a background check on you through the state and track the sale. This sale will be reported to the state in real time. Buy a box here or there and you will be ok. Buy a case and you can expect a knock on your door to explain yourself. After all, this isn't America, its New York.


    One state down, 49 to go. Contact your local, state, and federal representative as soon as possible to let them know how you feel. Governor Cuomo and a group of legislators passed the law in the dead of the night with no public discussion.

    Meanwhile, auctions for PMAGs are breaking the $60 per unit cost. This for mags that went for $9 just 30 days ago.

    Just make sure they don't go to New York

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