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  1. christophereger
    Do you find yourself wasting time wandering from site to site trying to find the best deals on ammunition, magazines, and other accessories, only to arrive just moments after they sold out? Spend hours trolling and refreshing windows to see if suddenly 5.56 greentip is available? Well you are in luck because there is now a search engine that has been established just for you.

    Its name is Gunbot and it's pretty neat.

    What is Gunbot?


    Ever used one of those sites like Hotels.com, Kayak, or Orbitz to find travel deals? Well Gunbot works on the same concept, only instead of finding the best price on a midsize rental car in Canton, Ohio, it tells you the best price right now on 45ACP, and who has it in stock.
    Gunbot currently crawls big and small ammo sites such as Cheaper than Dirt, Brownells, Midway, J&G, Lucky Gunner and others. In fact, more than 40 different sites are searched, cataloged, and refreshed everytime a new item, price, or availability pops up. You can search by in-stock items only and even set an alarm for new items.

    Gunbot searches nonstop for ammo, magazines, and reloading supplies in the most popular types and calibers. In the ammo category it currently lists all the .223/5.56, 7.62x39, 22LR, 9mm, .308/7.62x51 , and a half dozen others. Magazines crawled includes those for AR, Glock, AK-47/74, PS90, SKS, Mini-14, XD, and 10/22s. Better yet, the bot works like something akin to the stock exchange ticker for ammo prices, telling you what the current prices are per round.

    The cost for all this? Nada, gunbot is free. It seems to be in beta mode now, being tested, but it works well and hopefully will stick around.

    It's bad we need it, but I'm glad we got it.


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