Kel Tec P3AT .380 ACP

By Mark F, Sep 1, 2008 | |
  1. Mark F

    Manufacturer - Kel Tec

    This is my "carry" autoloader, a Kel Tec P3AT. It's a .380ACP caliber 6+1 capacity. It is about as small as you can get with a 380 and still hang on to it during your "time of Need". I had some feed issues at first but a polish job on the ramp fixed it. Kel Tec says it needs breaking in... maybe so, But you can't put you life at risk with a gun that "needs breaking in". That's why I opted to Fluff & Buff my Kel Tec right from the start. It will shoot any .380 ammo, but +P IS NOT RECOMMENDED on a regular basis. I don't use +P because it is brutal on your hand in this pistol.

    What I really like about the P3AT is, it fits in your front pocket nicely. There is NO SAFETY, and it's recommeded to have "one in the chamber". I AGREE. The pistol IS NOT COCKED until you PULL the Trigger. So you are safe having one in the chamber & no safety. It's a "POINT N' SHOOT" pistol.

    Ruger makes a similar pocket 380 called an LCP. It's almost identical to the Kel Tec. The Kel Tec is a little less expensive but Ruger is a good Brand Name... so you'll have to decide for yourself which one you like better.

    For what it's worth, I take my P3AT everyehere...​

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