Is Everything Returning To Normal?

  1. christophereger
    As soon as I saw the guncase, I knew things were getting closer to being like right. The case had spent most of the past few months being empty, save for a few miscellaneous 22 rifles and the occasional shotgun. It was the firearms case of a local big box-- and it had several .223 caliber semi-auto modern sporting rifles in it. It was then that I knew, things were slowly getting better.

    The case

    Inside the case that I had grown to casually inspect every time I passed through the Big Box, I had gotten used to not seeing anything more technologically advanced than a bolt-action rifle or pump-action shotgun. Both of these concepts had come about in the 1880s. Sure, there was a lot of polymer and synthetics in the guns that were there, but you couldn't really call them modern. With everyone afraid that pending legislation would forbid access to more current designs, the modern sporting rifle had vanished from store shelves in January 2013.
    Now, five months into the year, to walk by this case and see no less than four semi-auto centerfire rifles with pistol grips, detachable box magazines, and accessory rails swelled by heart.

    Finally, supply was starting to catch up to demand.

    Here is what I saw, forgive the grainy cellphone picture, but you can clearly make out at several AR platforms, including a Colt LE model. While the prices are a little high, they are still very close to 2012 levels for the guns in question.

    After checking the Big Box, I went to my local small dealer and was pleased to see full racks again there as well.

    The sign

    On the way to work in February of this year, I saw a hand-painted cardboard sign on the side of the road. Scrawled across it was the simple legend, "Ammo 9mm .40 .22" with a prepaid cell phone number.

    ...Seemed legit, yes? Well I scribbled the number down and thought hard about calling it a few times over the past couple months. This was because I simply couldn't find ammo. With more than a billion (with a *B*) rounds of .22 rimfire made in this country every year, whoever expected it to be hard to find? Well the good news is that I have consistently been able to pick up a few boxes of ammo on local store shelves in the past month, without having to be the first person in line before the store opened.

    With the news that domestic production is being ramped up, new plants built in pro-gun states and a 100% increase in ammo imports from other countries has started to make its effect felt.

    The mags

    With the first two signs, my outlook on the Gun and Ammo Crisis of 2013 was starting to get better. Then I made it home and found a box from DSG waiting from UPS. DSG Arms of Fort Worth Texas is one of the largest suppliers of firearms accessories to the Free World. Back in December 2012 they offered a "New Year's Special" of 10 Black 30-round Magpul PMAGS for $100. At the time, it wasn't a bad deal so I immediately placed my order. Then, as 2012 ended, it looked like the PMAG supply might never come through.

    Finally, after six months of patience the good people at DSG came through. Honoring my original order prices, they shipped 10 brand new PMAGS direct to me.


    I almost cried.

    While we are not out of the woods yet, especially with all the anti-2A legislation being pushed through that needs continued struggle against, it does look like things are getting slightly back to normal.

    Let's just hope it stays that way.

    I'm saving that pre-paid cell phone number just in case.

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