How Many Weapons Do YOU Carry

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    When you leave the house and go about your daily travels, are you armed? If so, with what? Do you vary multiple weapons, and if so, do you carry more than one firearm? Let us look at that.

    The philosophy of a backup weapon

    Putting your eggs all in one basket-- or for the subject of this article, trusting your life and those around you to one imperfect gadget, is borderline foolhardy. Yes, you may have a super tactical top-of-the-line CCW handgun that you have practiced with for a decade and trust implicitly, but it could still fail. It can be stripped away. It could be forced out of battery by a scenario that you never conceived of. Your magazine could go one way and your gun could go the other. A million things can happen. Then what?


    With a more minimalist approach, carrying a small frame handgun such as this Kimber Commander, coupled with a svelte lockblade like the Kershaw Ken Onion folder, will leave anyone well equipped.

    When I was a youngster growing up in the rural south, my grandpa took me to the side one day while in early elementary school and showed me how to safely open, close, and use a folding pocketknife. Once I proved to him that I mastered the lesson, the knife was mine and ever since then I have usually had one in my pocket of some sort. I knife is a tool with a thousand and one uses and everyone I have touched was used for something. It was the first possibly defensive tool I was given and if need be can always fall back into that role should I be without a gun.

    As they say, pocketknife is like a melody: sharp in some places, flat in others, and really annoying when it's stuck in your head. I like to keep mine in my offhand side pocket or back pocket to where I can draw it and use it with my offhand should I be in the middle of a weapon's retention situation with a firearm holstered on my strong side, or worse, my strong side is incapacitated.

    A Back up Gun

    Using a blend of old and new technology, the above pocket dump fits well in a pair of cargo shorts from personal experience. A Smith and Wesson J-frame Chiefs Special 38 with Biachi holster and five rounds of 38 Critical Defense, and an inexpensive ($70 new) Davis twin banger Derringer in 25ACP. Rounded out with a super bright Streamlight Pro TAC HL, Benchmade Eisen, billfold and keying, you are good to go.

    Carrying a second firearm on occasion is a time-honored tradition in this country. Going back to the War for Independence, soldiers often carried two or more pistols with them, as it was far faster to draw and fire a second handgun than to try to reload the first in combat. Even when revolvers came into play, Civil War cavalrymen and Old West lawmen often carried as many six-shooters as they could get. Today carrying a second gun, commonly called the New York Reload, is an acceptable practice.

    Another example that works with well from my personal EDC stash. A Sig P229R DAK in a Galco Royal Guard IWB holster, Beretta 21A in 22LR (eight shots of CCI Velociraptors) in a pocket carry holster, a Gerber razor knife, inexpensive ($6) LED flashlight, billfold and keying.

    Even with today's technology, it's still a good idea to have two different weapons systems to fall back on when headed into the world. It can be a strange place out there and its always better to have it and need it, than need it and not have it.

    Just a tip.

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