Henry Golden Boy

  1. OldEagleEars

    Recommended? - Yes
    Company Website - www.henryrepeating.com
    Manufacturer - Henry Repeating Arms Company

    The Henry Golden Boy is an American-made lever action rifle available in .22LR/.22L/.22S as well as .22 Magnumand .17 HMR. The .22LR version is the subject of my review.The rifle is 38-inches long and weighs 6.5 pounds. The barrel is 20-inches long and octagonal in shape. The gun is tube-fed and holds 15 rounds of .22 Long Rifle, 18 rounds of .22 Long, and 20 rounds of .22 Short.It is constructed of steel, brass or Brasslite (proprietary alloy), and American walnut.It is equipped with Marble's Buckhorn adjustable rear sights and a brass-beaded front blade sight. It may be equipped with a telescopic sight with the use of a factory accessory cantilever mount.The MSRP is $513, myexemplarwas purchased at Cabela's for $399 (on coupon special).​

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