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    Following the Presidential election of 2012, and a series of 19 mass shootings in five years, there has been a swelling of support for gun control measures. While no bills have been turned into federal law as of yet, there are no shortage of extreme left ideas that are being bunted about. This has, in turn, led to panic buying, hoarding, and many formerly quiet people speaking up.

    Without being too biased for or against either side, we thought we should look at this.

    What the left is saying

    The President has gone on record as voicing support for new gun control measures. Vice President Biden, leading a Task Force to investigate these new measures, has even publicly alluded to possible Executive Orders that could bypass Congress. Biden said, ""We haven't decided what this is yet, but we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the Cabinet members." The repeated calls by Senator Feinstein and others seem to be concentrating on banning high capacity magazines and returning to the old 1994 Assault Weapons Ban-- but with a much larger scope.

    Influential bloggers such as Sarah O Leary are calling for strict ammunition control. In a December 27th post she says, "Require gun owners to log on to a centralized government website to order their ammo, then pick it up at their local police stations, sheriff's departments, or state trooper's offices, the only places where anyone can legally buy ammunition. Put limits on how much ammunition can be purchased at any given time, and over any given period. Keep a national "Ammo Depot" -- a database of ammunition purchased by gun owner."

    A California assemblywoman in Oakland has gone so far as to turn in a proposed bill regulating ammunition sales. The measure would target both online and brick and mortar sales.

    Al Sharpton has already moved on to work on the problem of knife control, figuring that the fight for gun control is now too mainstream for him.


    What the right is saying

    The NRA has added 100,000 new members in less than a month and is looking to have 5-million paying members soon. After meeting with Vice President Biden's team examining the gun control issue, the NRA stated, "We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment." Surely, they are in for an uphill battle.

    Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, is appearing on every show that will have him, including Piers Morgan's, to debate the gun control lobby and present the image of responsible Second Amendment Rights.

    While few in congress seem to be coming forward and standing tall for the 2A, reports say that calls to some are running as high as 9-to-1 against gun control.

    What gun owners are doing?

    Panic buying has been the number one obsession with many gun owners. It has been reported that Numrich sold 3.5 years' worth of magazines in just a week. Magpul is churning out PMAGS as fast as they can and industry insiders speak that more than one-million of these polymer AR mags are on back-order. Trips to local gun shops across the country are finding everything but 22's and bolt action rifles long gone. Online the only places you can find magazines of any size are the ones who just haven't updated their website.


    People are training. I am a state-certified CCW instructor among other things and I typically had 2-3 calls a week for training before December 2012. Now I get 2-3 calls per hour from about 8am-8pm.

    People are buying. Friends who never considered getting a modern sporting rifle before are now coming to me outraged that they aren't going to be able to get one now. A local smallscale gun maker who was having a hard time selling M4orgeries a few months ago is now cranking out lowers so fast he won't even answer the phone anymore. In talking with a local shop owner whose shelves are bare he advises that he has 600 rifles on order with DPMS, Rock River, et al and already has a waiting list with 500 names on it. In December 2012, more than 2-million firearm's sale background requests were processed by the FBI.

    What will happen?

    This rig ran about $1500 two months ago. Now, its about three times that much, if you can find it.

    That is the big question. Will there be squads of UN troops roaming from house to house looking for guns as some of the more extreme voices warn? Probably not. Will this all blow over and everything reset to the way it was December 1, 2012? Also, probably not. Odds are there will be legislation that makes its way to the President's desk. If there is enough of a public outcry that translates to the needed voters in the right places, a new President can overturn it.

    There has been price gouging, and there will be more before this is all over, either way. There will be unrealistic bloggers on both sides, either way.

    Be sure to contact your local representatives and let them know how you feel, either way and then repeat this as often as you can.

    And if you find a good deal on PMAGS or greentip somewhere, let me know.

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