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    In recent months there has been a concerted push by the gun control (they now prefer to be called gun violence) advocates to strictly regulate the arms that are available to the public. With a small but vocal minority of left-wingers screaming from the rafters and trotting out event figurines, they are asking for unprecedented restrictions on currently legal firearms and accessories. Not to cave into the fear mongers, some of the biggest names in the industry are making a very public choice to stand with the people and not against them.

    The New York Boycott

    In response to this move and those by other states, LaRue Tactical, one of the best known makers of AR-style 'black rifles' for both civilian and military/LE sales, announced that they would restrict sales of guns to agencies in these states to only what 'law abiding citizens in their districts can purchase or possess.'


    Since LaRue Tactical's boycott was announced on February 8th, no less than 105 companies have stepped to their side and announced similar boycotts of sales to law enforcement in states that restrict sales of the same firearms to their residents. This list includes Olympic Arms, J&G Sales, Doublestar, Barrett, Kiss Tactical, Templar, Stoner, Midway, Wilson Combat...the list reads like a who's who of the firearms industry.

    Magpul's Boulder Airlift

    With Denver already fallen to the ban on magazines holding more than 10-rounds, the state legislature of Colorado is considering doing the same. Well it just so happens that Magpul lives in Colorado and their response to this is the 'Boulder Airlift'.


    "Magpul is proud to announce the "Boulder Airlift," our program to make sure that responsible Colorado citizens have the opportunity to own standard capacity PMAGs prior to the potential implementation of pending legislation that would infringe on their Second Amendment Rights. The program will be open to all responsible CO residents, (with both billing and shipping addresses inside CO) and provide access to a limited quantity of PMAGs. Remember to contact members of the Senate and the Governor prior to ordering and urge them to oppose HB 1224.Full details at "


    While to be sure, companies like Magpul and LaRue Tactical who specialize in black rifles, 'high-capacity magazines' and the sort have the most too loose in a new, draconian assault weapons ban, they are still making a stand. With modern CNC machinery at their disposal and gifted design teams, they could certainly forgo their current product lines and simply turn to marketing new products that are AWB complaint. Just as in 1994, you can rest assured those legions of gun owners will buy thumbhole stocks, ten-round post-ban magazines, bullet buttons, and other asinine products as fast as they can be made.

    But no, no Magpul, not LaRue, not Doublestar, not any of the other 100+ companies that have come out publicly in the last few weeks to stand with their customers. They are there to support those members of the silent gun owning majority who quietly sit, read, and learn more every day that they should not be ashamed of being 'a gun guy', or be embarrassed of being a 'gun girl'.

    The Second Amendment is not about hunting.

    Owning a modern firearm does not currently make you a criminal.

    Support the companies that support you.

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