Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum

By Mark F, Aug 29, 2008 | |
  1. Mark F

    Manufacturer - Colt

    It's a spin-off from the Colt Trooper and a "budget" version of the Colt Python, the Colt King Cobra is a force to reckon with, even today. My King Cobra is 21 years old and it still shoots as good today as it did back in 1987! Litterally thousands of rounds and it has never mal-functioned.

    You just point it at your target and squeeze the trigger... KA-Boooom, six times if needed.

    The King Cobra hasn't been made for over 10 years, but they are still readily available. Both new & used, and even available in blue and Stainless Steel.

    As wheelguns go, you'd be hard pressed to find a more reliable, harder hitting gun than this .357 Magnum. The BONUS is, you can "practice" using in-expensive 38 Specials, and save a Magnums for those times of need...

    For about the price of a "new" inferior grade wheelgun, you can buy a used 95% condition Colt King Cobra... and it will last for several generations to come.

    So think about this before you go buying a new brand-x Revolver.​

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