Colorado Splitting Over Guns

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    Rural Colorado is chafing at a number of decisions that have been pushed down its throat by the metropolitan machine that is Denver politics and Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper. This has built to a crescendo and now eight counties are looking to leave the state, the sheriffs are in rebellion, and one town is taking up arms.

    The 51st State?


    Citing opposition to the state's new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations eight counties are reportedly considering forming a 51st U.S. state called North Colorado. The counties: Weld, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington, Yuma and Kit Carson, feel like they are increasingly being marginalized by Denver. They feel the county's return on its financial contributions to the state is minimal and that they would do better striking out on their own.

    The state has 64 counties. Speaking of those 64 counties, each one has a sheriff...

    Sheriffs Band Together

    With the State's new gun law driving companies like Mag Pul out of town and keeping hunters from the rest of the country away, the chief law enforcement officers of 54 out of 64 counties are seeing red. They have publicly come out in complaint of Denver's anti-gun policies and have come together as signatories to a lawsuit to overturn them.


    ""These bills do absolutely nothing to make Colorado a safer place to live, to work, to play, or to raise a family," Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said at a press conference on Friday. "Instead these misguided, unconstitutional bills will have the opposite effect because they greatly restrict the right of decent, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, their families, and their homes."

    Mandatory Gun Town

    Taking a page out of the book already written by the towns of Kennesaw and more recently Nelson, Georgia, the small (pop 734) village of Nucla, Colorado has made owning a gun the law.


    In short, if you are an adult resident of the city in good standing, you are to keep a modern firearm and ammunition in your home. Called the "Family Protection Act," WSB-TV reported that a city council official submitted the proposal over concerns that the current lack of a police presence -- which often leaves Nelson patrolled by a single officer or none at all -- makes the town's residents unsafe.

    Nucla is not in the Northern part of Colorado looking to secede. Part of Montrose County, it is in the mid/south west of the state on the Utah line. Maybe Utah will let them join if Denver keeps it up.


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