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  • Mossberg 500 Pump

    Manufacturer - Mossberg This gun will take a hit! My second gun I ever had as a kid. went through 10 years of me and my abuse. Impressed great all around genral purpose gun. I'd hate to know how many rounds I put through his thing. It may rattle it may be ugly but it will work when you need it and wear you need it no matter what I would bet my life on this gun. The military uses it and that says alot
  • Why a Home Defense Shotgun?

    Something falls over downstairs and rattles around on the floor. "It's just the cat," you tell yourself. Only you realize that you do not have a cat. Now what do you do? Whom do you call? Do you investigate first and then call or call and then investigate? These are things you need to think about before that time. What you walk down the hallway with, or descend the staircase holding, is also something that desires some time and attention long before it is needed. For many, the shotgun is...
  • Amadeo model 62

    Recommended? - Yes Manufacturer - Rossi I love this beautiful gun! Its accurate and just fun to shoot! I highly recommend it. The octagon barrel kind is worth $550 and the round barrel is worth $300. I own the octagon barrel one and love it.
  • The US M1014 Shotgun

    The US military has long had a love affair with shotguns. Going as far back as the US Civil War (1861-1865), American service members have often had to hump a scattergun. For close quarters combat, especially in urban environments, trenches, tunnels, and jungles, you are hard pressed to find another more devastating firearm for up close and personal actions. By 1998, the US Army was searching for a replacement for their armories full of Mossberg 500, Winchester 1200, and Remington 870 and...
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