BPI Natural Earplugs

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    The FTF was contacted by BPI and asked to evaluate their mold-able earplugs for hearing protection. I'll start off with my experience and let the other staff chime in later.

    BPI Natural Earplugs

    The Mighty Plug Company
    dba (BPI) Beneficial Products Inc.
    Southern Oregon USA

    Company website: Highest Blocking Moldable Ear Plugs

    I was skeptical at first when reading the instructions it said, "...work the earplug between your fingers for 10-15 seconds to soften it to the texture of play dough.".

    Play dough, and I'm going to stick it where?

    But....as I kneaded the earplug I continued to read and found out some critical info. The plugs are made from the natural ingredients of purified beeswax, high-density sterile cotton and purified lanolin. Pure Lanolin Oil is put into the ear plug to make it slightly tacky so that it stays securely in the ear and the kneading distributes it throughout the plug.

    Once soften the plugs are very easy to insert. Just push the plug firmly while flattening it into your ear opening. Continue to apply gentle pressure until a good seal is made. If it doesn't seal immediately, just keep your finger pressed against it with slight pressure for a few more seconds and as it warms a seal will be made.

    This procedure is intuitive and the second plug is a snap to put in.

    I think one word sums up my experience with these earplugs; "Comfort" comes to mind. I have used several forms of ear protection over the years. I thought I found the ticket when I purchased a set of Sonic Defenders Plus at $12/pr.


    They worked well and with the small canal plugs inserted (red & white above) they did protect my hearing with most handgun shooting. Ear muffs were worn over the plugs with most rifle and hand cannon use. The problem was they worked too well when it came to conversation and it was almost impossible to pop the small plugs out to hear without removing the entire plug, andreinserting the Sonic Defenders into the ear canal is a PITA! That and the additional 3-4 hours to have the discomfort diminish after removing them made me cash-up and buy a set of silicone injection-molded plugs.


    These are expensive and will probably last me a long time but I just thought, "you get what you pay for!" See the white 'sound brake' in the plugs? This is an acoustic filter that adjusts all incoming sound to appropriate speech levels. They are great, allow conversation and require nothing to be done when experiencing damaging sounds. They work, they are expensive!

    Then I tried the "Worlds Finest" Natural EAR PLUGS. (It says so right on the box!)
    Let me succinctly sum it up:
    • They are comfortable
    • They work for 95% of my handgun shooting needs
    • They are comfortable
    • They are not indexed (no right or left, up or down)
    • They are comfortable
    • Work fine with ear muffs for my loud gun needs
    • They are comfortable
    • They are reusable (from the website "each pair can be worn from 35-60 times and more")
    • They are comfortable
    • They are a great value (~2% of the cost of my silicon plugs!)
    • And did I mention they are comfortable?

    I plan to continue to test these to destruction and will keep a log of the hours I use them. I will report back with my findings and give you a estimate of cost per hour of protection. I plan to use these for swimming in both fresh and salt water. I think these will last at least as long as advertised but then I shave my ear hair and keep my ears wax-free! YMMV

    My first blush rating is a 5star-1-1-33.jpg and at $2.50 a toss, I don't think much will happen to change my mind!

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