Armed Citizens Stop Rash of Home Invasions

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    In the past several weeks, a number of normal everyday civilians have found themselves the subject of heinous, unprovoked attacks from armed criminals in their very homes. These citizens refused to be victims and fought back, turning the tables on these would-be predators.


    The Maypearl Firefight

    In a case that is bound to be turned into a made-for TV movie, two wayward teens from Oklahoma stole a red 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck, a stash of prescription medication, 17 guns and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. What the two young men had on their mind was unknown until they arrived at the rural home of a random couple some 240-miles away in Maypearl Texas on March 20th. The two teens allegedly attacked the homeowners who defended themselves from inside their dwelling, hitting at least one of the suspects.

    (Armed teens decided to attack this Maypearl home without reason. They were wrong of they considered it an easy mark. Photo by NBC DFW)

    Tragically, both young men committed suicide before law enforcement could arrive on scene and get a handle on the situation, taking their reasoning behind their attack to the grave.

    A handy shotgun in the closet

    (Even an old shotgun like this forty year old Revelation by Mossberg is still effective for home protection)

    At 1:40 in the morning, when you roll over in bed and find an armed, drunk, intruder lying next to you, what is your first reaction? Well for a single mother in Covington, Louisiana it was to scream, leap from her bed, check that her children were safe, and then promptly chase the intruder down the hall with a loaded shotgun she kept in the closet. Alleged invader and attempted snuggler Joseph Hall Rogers, 36, ducked three loads of shot sent his way but was found and tased by local police and taken to jail.

    In Guthrie Oklahoma, an unidentified man who broke into a suburban home naked and lunged at the homeowner this week did not get off so lucky.

    Criminals with bad weapon retention

    Luckily, not every home invader has a large tactical toolbox of skills at their disposal to fall back on and display their lack of training. This has been an advantage for in two recent cases.
    In Macon Georgia, 20-year old John Anthony Brown and an unnamed companion allegedly knocked on the door of a couple's home just after midnight. When the man of the house opened the door to see who was there, Brown allegedly thrust a revolver through the opening and made it clear they were not selling Girl Scout Cookies. In a struggle over the gun, Brown wound up shot with his own handgun and arrested by the Macon PD. The homeowners were safe.


    This released mugshot of John A Brown, alleged home invader shot with his own gun. Speculation is that the kanji tattoo on his throat means 'fool who has no clue about weapon retention'.

    Attempted home invader suspect Richard Charles Holcombe according to the Houston Chronicle allegedly entered a home with a white mask and a handgun to rob the inhabited dwelling. This led to a tussle with the homeowner that ended up with Holcombe shot in the hand and leg.


    Son to the rescue of family

    When three armed men forced their way into a family home in a quiet Houston suburb, they bit off more than they could chew. At 8pm, while in the middle of baking a cake, the men came to the door and knocked but when the father of the family opened it, the last thing on these visitor's minds was Betty Crocker. They forced the father to the ground and went after mom. Seeing this the 21-year old son ran to another room, retrieved Pop's gun, and opened fire, killing one suspect and sending the other two in search of an easier dessert.

    The article goes on to quote one Harry Moulder as saying, ""People can't go breaking into people's homes and not expect some sort of consequence,"

    Well put.

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