1. Glock G30

    Manufacturer - Glock The GLOCK 30 in the legendary .45 caliber offers excellent out-of-the- box precision paired with the ballistic quality of a genuine big-bore caliber. The smooth design and the simple operation of the GLOCK pistol allow quick drawing of the pistol. Because of these advantages and especially because of its compact dimensions, the GLOCK 30 is the first choice of plain clothes officers and protection personnel.
  2. Walther PPK

    Manufacturer - Walther The elegant lines of the legendary WALTHER PPK have caught the imagination of the entire world for over 75 years. Developed in 1931, the WALTHER PPK continues to thrill the shooting public, and the legend lives on. CALIBER .380 ACP BARREL LENGTH 3.3" DIMENSIONS inches, L/H/W 6.1/4.3/.98 WEIGHT w/o mag 20.8 oz. SIGHTS Fixed MAGAZINE CAPACITY 6 + 1 TRIGGER DA/SA TRIGGER WEIGHT lbs 13/4 PPK/S TECHNICAL DATA MODEL PPK/S VAH32001 PPK/S VAH38001 CALIBER .32 ACP .380 ACP...
  3. Wolf 7.62x39

    Manufacturer - Wolf WOLF 7.62x39mm 154gr. Soft Point that offers improved accuracy over the standard 122gr. projectile. Grains: 154 Jacket: Bimetal or Copper Type: SP Primer: Berdan Muzzle Velocity: (ft/sec): 2104 Energy (FPE): 1514.1
  4. Taurus 617 .357 Mag.

    Manufacturer - Taurus Full Magnum power in a lightweight Total Titanium revolver. The Model 617 is built to take the pressure of the widely used .357 Magnum, offering 7 rounds and still light enough to carry comfortably.Combine that with the Taurus Ribber Grip, and your practice sessions at the range will be more pleasant, even with this potent load. The Model 617 features the Taurus Security Sysytem, yoke detent and full length ejector rod.
  5. Colt MT6601

    Manufacturer - Colt While the Colt name is virtually synonymous with handguns, Sam Colts initial revolvers off the assembly line were longarms. Thats right. The first production model of any Colt was the No.1 Ring Lever Rifle. The carbine breech (attachable shoulder stocks for handguns) and Americas first slide action rifle were also part of Colts on-and-off ventures into longarms. Then in 1963 the AR-15 and M16 .223 automatic rifles made Colts the small-arms sensation of modern warfare....