2 Rounds Over and You Go To Jail

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    With the breathtaking speed that the new gun control hysteria is taking the country, what is legal today may not be tomorrow. Case in point, just ask Gregory Dean, resident of the great state of New York. He just found out that two rounds of ammunition could separate him from being a legal gun owner to a criminal. How is this possible? Keep reading...

    The event

    Law abiding citizen, 31-year old Gregory Dean of Hopewell Junction, New York was pulled over for improper equipment (his license plate light was unlit). Now Dean legally had a personally owned a properly registered .40S&W handgun on the seat of his car when this legal stop occurred. In the interest of officer safety, the troopers who pulled Dean over temporarily took custody of the weapon and inspected it. It was then that the officers found out that Dean had a shocking nine (9) rounds of ammunition in the weapon. In most states, this isn't a problem.

    Heck in my own state (Mississippi) if you only have nine rounds in your handgun its considered being downright miserly.

    Nevertheless, Mr. Dean wasn't in Mississippi, or Texas, or even 2012 New York. He was in post Secure Ammunition and Firearms and Enforcement Act (SAFE Act) New York-- and he is in trouble.

    New York's Crazy New Law

    You see in its infinite wisdom to help keep the populace at large (that's you) safe and secure, the State Legislature of the Empire State (with lots of help from NYC and Albany based anti-gun groups) rushed through the SAFE Act earlier this year. This law, which is being hard fought by the movie industry of the state, all counties except for two, and Pro-2A groups of every stripe, is one of the most restrictive ever adopted by any state of the Union.

    Among the new parts of this law are a mandatory registry (for future confiscation?) of all incorrectly defined 'assault weapons' in the state, mandatory background checks on those who buy ammunition, possible HIPAA law violations of those with mental health issues, and (last but not least) a restriction on guns with a detachable magazine to just 7-rounds of ammunition.


    The outcome

    According to the Washington Times, "Mr. Dean was arrested on unlawful possession of ammunition, and on aggravated unlicensed operation, as well as charges stemming from his traffic violation, police said in the paper."

    Hopefully he can lawyer up and fight this.

    For the rest of you guys out there, be sure of what your local laws are, as they 'are-a-changing' with stunning rapidity. What is legal this month may be illegal next. The SAFE Act itself only took effect in the past few months meaning that if Dean would have been pulled over in 2012, he would have been given his pistol back and never heard anything else about it.

    Incrementalism at work. Watch this space for more updates.

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