WHICH Blackhawk Knoxx Recoil-Reducing stock for my Rem870P ?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by PeterSteele, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. PeterSteele

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    Hi, just received my first shotgun the other day, a new Rem870P 12ga 18" , to be used for HD and occasional indoor/outdoor fun target play. Shot it for the first time yesterday (about 15 rounds of 2.75" slugs) at an indoor range, and today my right shoulder and upper-bicep are telling me to upgrade to a recoil-reducing stock ! BTW the gun also handles 3" but i haven't shot those yet. So i've heard very good things about the Blackhawk Knoxx r-r stocks and have decided to get either the Compstock (no pistol grip, no adjustability) or the SpecOps Gen2 adjustable w/pistol grip for $20 more at my local dealer. I'd love to hear opinions from you guys out there who have experience with either or both ! The price difference doesn't matter to me...i'm more concerned with the actual recoil-reducing abilities of these stocks , plus whether or not a pistol grip makes a difference in both recoil and/or general usability/functionality . The adjustability of the gen2 stock doesn't really matter to me as i'll be the only one shooting this gun...don't need to shorten it up for wifey ! Thanx in advance for your advice and opinions !
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    I have shot a 870 with a gen 1 knoxx pistol grip and there was little recoil. Some people complain of cheek slap, but I did not have this problem. I shot 50 00 buck and slugs no problem.

    The other stock I hear good things about in terms of recoil reduction is the ATI socks with the Scorpion Recoil pad. Of course there is always Limbsaver. I have also heard of people combining a Limbsaver pad with the Knoxx and the ATI.

  3. cgersty

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    I had one on this chopped off 870, I hated it because it would uppercut me in the cheek bone, after I adjusted my cheek weld and stance I could control it comfortably, I hunt a lot and have a full size 870 so didn't need a tactical shotgun so I traded it today, it was alright but nothing to write home about. Just my 2 pennies worth.