Where to find bulk 223 rem bullets for reloadig

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    Does anyone know a site where I can buy 223 Remington bullets in bulk. I'm looking for 500 to 1000 round count. Midway USA has a box of 500 64 gr. Dogtown bullets for 65$ but of course they're out if stock and unable to be backordered .Does anyone know a site where bullets might be in stock or does such thing not exist!? Has anyone ever used dogtown bullets before I know midway is a reputable dealer I've used them for years and haven't had a single complaint but I'm wonder how their bullets are. If someone could give me their opinion I would deeply appraise it.
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    I have no clue my friend. I usually frequent Everglades ammo but they are dry. I've pretty much given up till someone posts that they have found some. Lol

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