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    Alright, so I went a little dramatic with the tittle.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know how things went with "Jacks" Remington 700 today. All he did was clean the bolt and trigger out and I seems to of solved his "random" firing issue. He was messing about with it trying to get it to click before he cleaned it and said he got it to a couple times with out pulling the trigger.

    Awhile we were out we finished getting it sighted in, turns out we had it high at 100 yards. Close to 2.5" high. Being on in our "experimental" stage, we wanted to see just how far we could push the cartridge/rifle with out adjust for drop at all. It turns out where hitting pretty much dead on at 350 yards.

    I think the best part of the day was probably showing Jack up with the .22LRs on our "drill" course we set up. Wasn't really anything all that fancy looking though. We had permission from the other guys/girls at the range to "scatter" a couple of pop cans up at 25, 50 and 100yards (two at each location). On the way back we happened to find some intact pigeons from the people's who where there earlier, so we set them just below the 25yard cans. The goal was the hit the clays as a starter then hit the first can at 25 and work out to the 100yard target.

    His rifle of choice was Remington's 597 with a 3-9x40 scope on it and, keep this in mind, a 30round mag. Mine, since it's my only semi auto, was mossbergs (702) Plinkster wearing a 4x32 center point.

    The kicker out of all this? He happened to hit the pigeon and his can first, literally because he seemed to of hit his can on the left flinging it into mine thus knocking mine onto its side the moment before I fired. We ended up knocking the 50 yard cans just milliseconds apart, when we got to the 100 yard target it got a little close. I fired my last 8shots since I only had a ten round magazine and all seemed to be a little low. At this point I had to stop and reload my magazine since its the only one I've got. He ended up blowing through his full 30rounds with only hitting the pigeon 25 and 50 yard can. Upon popping my mag back in, I hit the 100 yard target first shot.

    Needless to say, I was a little proud of myself since he's been shooting at least a full year if not more then I have. Weirdly, I was also able to land more cold bore shots then he was, even though it was his own 700?

    Sadly I wasn't able to get any picture of the targets. I did happen to get a video of the .22LR going through three pop and at once though. Soon as I figure out how to, I'll through that up.