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    Well , hear we are , another INDEPENDENCE DAY..! I feel there is hope for the human race and all these conspiracies , they way under-estimate the human spirit ..!

    If SHTF , did hit , we have very smart people and shear numbers that when pushed far enough , would no doubt push back..! What may be mis construed
    As (baaaaaaaaaaaah) will , "I have faith" surely turn to ((YO , GET OUT MT FACE ) ..! In there arrogance , GOV. , ELITEISTS , NEOCONS , BIG CORPORATE COLLARS , they are blind because we , (WE , THE PEOPLE) have kept quiet for obvious reasons , the well being and security of our families ..!

    People , as a whole , when threatened will retaliate in any means nessessary .!
    When the very thing we fight for is at risk , we will do exactly what you think we won't..!

    A man is most dangerous when he has nothing left to lose ..! Calm thinking minds will prevail ..!

    Arrogance....? I call that FOOLISH..!

    We may very well one day celebrate (TWO INDEPENDENCE DAYS)..!
    Have a safe one and I love you all..! :)
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    Well said dango! and coherent! good job :D
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  3. dango

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    Dauhh....I didn't say that ......Hmmmm..? Did I ..? Must a been the other me..! Eeeek..! Back , ......back In your cage ..
    ..dammit..! Eeeek..! :confused: We'll have none of that (Coherentcy) on my watch..! :cool: Eeeek....! :confused: