Taurus judge

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  1. christianbernard0406

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    How much should I sell my slightly used judge with a 6 1/2 inch? If interest message me.... I need to sell I have to many guns and don't get to use as much as I wish I could

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  2. ColdIron44

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    I had that EXACT model until this past weekend when I sold it for $200. I had turned down two lower offers before selling it to a shooting range, who will use it as a rental gun. There's just not much demand for a long barrel on a gun marketed as a self-defense weapon. Also, the word 'Taurus' printed on the side doesn't add much value. For what it's worth, I ran ALOT of super hot loads through it, and was pleased with the price I was offered.

    Hope that helps you determine your asking price,

    P.S. - Since location ALWAYS matters, I must tell you that I live in central Texas. I hope markets are better in your neck of the woods!